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Service & Repairs

TRIMED Solutions offers several creative service options for your convienience. We have highly trained, dedicated service professsionls to fit for your specific needs.

With over hundred years of combined service experience, to assist you with customized service requirements and also with our large on hand spares inventory and 24*7 service coverage will assure the top-notch service and support to all our clients.

  • Full Service Contract: With and Without Xray tube coverage.
  • Shared Risk Contract Up to half of the cost,with the benefits of a full service contract.
  • Time & Materials Service Plan: Customer generates all service demands.
  • PMI Plan: Scheduled Preventive Maintenance Services for safety & Routine service items with Quality Assurance Test report as required by AERB Licensing.
  • Savings: we offer competitive hourly rates
  • Expertise: we have the most experienced engineers ready to get you up and running