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MRI Scanner

Siemens Magnetom Symphony 1.5T

equipments/Siemens Magnetom Symphony 15T.jpg The Magnetom Symphony 1.5T by Siemens with Power-class is one of the world’s most demanded 1.5 MRI systems in its class. It uses cutting-edge applications that will accelerate your imaging performance like never before. When you use this system, you will be able to view the smallest details with incredible clarity. With the Power-class you will be able to do more and see more during your exams.
  • 3D High-resolution breast imaging
  • Panoramic table
  • Compact short bore magnet
  • Ultracompact 1.5T magnet (length: 160 cm / 5 ft. 3 in.) 
  • Large DSV (diameter spherical volume) with excellent homogeneity over 50 cm / 20 in.
  • 30 sqm / 325 sq.ft. floor space only
Siemens Magnetom C 0.3T MRI

equipments/MAGNETOM-C!-0.35T_03.jpg Work that flows, image quality that convinces and patient comfort that satisfies: these are just the beginning of the advantages of MAGNETOM C!. Field-proven technology and extensive experience are distilled into the surprisingly powerful MAGNETOM C! with the most compact, C-shaped magnet and smallest pole diameter of 137 cm (54 inches).
  • High-field competence goes mid-field
  • Superior components
  • Unique, trendsetting syngo applications
  • Seamless workflow
  • True multi channel RF system
  • High-field technology
  • Strong gradients – advanced applications
  • Comprehensive cardiac applications at mid-field
Siemens Concerto 0.23T

equipments/MAGNETOM-Concerto-0.23T_03.jpg MAGNETOM ® Concerto is an economical open MRI scanner. It provides maximum patient acceptance, delivers exceptional image quality, and provides an excellent return-on-investment
  • Comprehensive applications at a low price point
  • ACR assistance with ASAP package (service option)
  • Scan most patients that walk in the door
  • syngo® user interface makes it easy to do with a simple mouse click
  • Robust imaging times
  • Return on investment with as little as 3 patients per day
  • Warranty typically equivalent to new systems: 12 month
  • Flexible service contracts & customized financing solutions
GE MRI Echospeed Excite

equipments/GE-Exite-HD----HDxt-1.5T_02.jpg The GE Signa EXCITE 1.5T is considered to be the high definition MRI system, improved image clarity, enhanced clinical applications and productivity advantages, all within a comprehensive diagnostic platform. , operates faster, helping your organization achieve more efficient results, all components in the imaging chain were optimized and integrated into a new platform.
  • Super-conducting CXK4 Magnet with advanced cryo-cooling technology
  • Cooling : Closed loop, circulated chilled water & forced air.
  • Resonance Frequency : 63.86 MHz
  • Mobile type Patient table unit
  • Main CPU : HP workstatioin xw 8000
  • High Resolution Monitor : 18 inch LCD color
  • 3D Surface rendering
GE MRI Ovation 0 35T

equipments/GEmriOvation035T03.jpg The Ovation will change your expectation of what Open MR can do. With advanced applications that are easy to use, design elements that enhance the patient experience, and the high image quality that you expect from GE, Ovation will help you realize more potential from day one.
  • Imagine knowing for sure that you will catch the contrast bolus every time. It's possible today on Ovation with TRICKS.
  • Wide open possibilities
GE Signa Profile 0.2T

equipments/GE-0.2T-Profile-IV-&-V_03.jpg The GE Signa Profile 0.2T Open MRI scanner is a very affordable option if you need a full range of clinical imaging applications, a very patient-friendly design, and great image quality, but don't have the budget to afford a newer MRI scanner.
Hitachi Airis Elite

equipments/Hitach-Airis-Elite-0.3T_03.jpg AIRIS Elite continues the tradition of Hitachi's leadership in Open MR technology, providing the most advanced clinical capabilities available at mid-field strength. The proven performance of AIRIS Elite’s vertical field permanent magnet with higher-order active shim technology, Scalable DualQuad RF system, fast gradients and sophisticated sequence capabilities are all integrated through Hitachi’s unique approach to optimize system performance.
  • RF System
  • Patient Table
  • Gradient System
Hitachi Airis II

equipments/Hitachi-Airis-II-0.3T_03.jpg Firmly establishing our reputation as the Open MR authority, the AIRIS II provides high image quality to give you full capability coupled with confidence and reliability. The award-winning, panoramic design provides a multitude of marketing opportunities and significant cost-effectiveness
  • Award winning asymmetrical design
  • 15mT/m Gradient Amplitude
  • 64-bit RISC based architecture
  • 0.3 Tesla
  • Vertical Orientation

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