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CT Scanner

Toshiba Activion 16

equipments/images.jpg Introducing the Activion 16 multislice CT system, a new addition to Toshiba's multislice family that combines the high technology of Toshiba's 4- to 64-slice CT systems to provide exceptional image quality with a single-console interface. Outstanding reconstruction speed and automated MPR generation of true isotropic data expands your diagnostic capabilities and push productivity to new heights.

Redefining Easy Operation

Activion 16 offers on-screen protocol guidelines for every type of CT examination. The sophistication of the system allows all scan, reconstruction, and image transfer parameters to be incorporated into each examination protocol, allowing the operator to focus on the patient rather than system operation. Examinations can be performed by any operator to the same high standard by following just three steps: "Ready - Set - Go". All remaining operations are fully automatic. The 16 slice Aquilion LB features the industry's largest gantry aperture of 90 cm and the industry's largest scan field of 70 cm, covering more anatomy with greater accuracy ever seen before.  

New 3D software

Bone Removal

High Level Technology for Low exposure dose

Extremely low-dose scanning, combined with a fast scan protocol and Quantum De-noising software, enables an entire lung of 30 cm to be examined in only 10 seconds, resulting in crystal clear, highest resolution images, further expanding diagnostic capabilities. This low-mAs scanning is a great benefit to patients, specifically children.


Quantum denoising software

SURE Subtraction

Vessel View


Toshiba Aquilion 16

equipments/Toshiba Aquilion 16.jpg TRIMED providing the best care to all of your patients should be simple. That’s why the TOSHIBA is designed the way imaging technology should be with the ability to scan more patients and offer a better CT experience. Overcome limitations of conventional CT scanning and enhance your efficiency with the advanced features of the TOSHIBA.
Toshiba Asteion Super 4

equipments/Toshiba Asteion S4.jpg TRIMED providing a wide assortment of Asteion Super 4. The offered machine is ideal for fast and high resolution scanning work. It is developed at high-tech manufacturing unit using modular machines and basic componenets. This machine is available in technical specifications for our clients with different choices.
  • Asteion Super 4 improves temporal and spatial image resolution with longer, faster helical scanning for thinner slice.
  • This provides 3D volume imaging
  • An improved X-ray tube and an incredibly versatile detector array complement this Supercharged CT scanner.
  • It provides superior uptime performance and true isotropic imaging capabilities.
  • Guided Mode for efficiency and ergonomics
  • 0.75 seconds per rotation.
  • 4 * 0.5mm slice thickness.
  • Sure exposure dose regulation technology.
  • Tilted helical upto 30 Degree
  • SURE Scan real-time helical scanning at 12 frames / second
  • 4.0 MHU X-Ray Tube.
Toshiba Asteion VP single

equipments/Toshiba Asteion Single.jpg Asteion VP is a whole-body computed tomography (CT) scanner that combines advanced acquisition with simple operation. A unique and intuitive operation mode, Guided Mode, is available.
  • High density resolution due to the use of a solid-state detector.
  • 0.6-mm resolution in the axial direction.
  • Minimum reconstruction speed of 1 s/image*2.
  • Excellent operability due to the incorporation of a new GUI.
  • Quantum Denoising Software (QDS) reduces exposure by half while maintaining excellent low and high contrast resolution.
Siemens Emotion Series

equipments/Siemens Emotion Duo.jpg A high performance CT scannerdesigned  For Multislice Scanning  For a comprehensive range of clinical applications  To be a complete solution for your CT needs  Sub-Second Scanning  High Performance Spirals  World’s Slimmest Gantry Design  Multislice Technology  0.8 seconds for a full rotation  100 seconds of continuous spiral without any interruptions  User and Patient Compact Fast and Friendly Installation Economical  Premium Clinical Performance

Rapid volume scanning technique with continuous table feed
 Optimized to all anatomic and physiological needs
 Acquisition of an entire anatomical volume without interruption
 Complete anatomic region in a single breath-hold
 No misregistration of minute details between individual slices due to patient motion
 Reduced examination time in the gantry—crucial for trauma patients
 Well suited basis for reconstructions of secondary views
 · MPR    · 3D     · MIP
 Rapid continuous scanning technique without table feed
 Flow studies for differential diagnostics
 Motion studies (e.g. joints)

 High temporal resolution

 Improved detail recognition

 Spiral data

 Rotation time 0.8s 1.0s 1.5s
 Pitch 1–4
 Scan time 100s
 Scan length 153 cm (pitch 2, rot. 1.0 s) (limited by table)
 Interspiral delay min. 5s

 Spiral image reconstruction

 METRO RECON: Simultaneous reconstruction parallel to spiral acquisition

 Retrospective reconstruction of raw data

 Freely selectable position

 Freely selectable increment and number of images

 · contiguous
 · overlapping
 SureView Spiral Reconstruction

 mAs preselectable
 Effective slice width preselectable
 Pitch 1–4 (freely selectable)
 Slice broadening with pitch none
 Dose Savings of about 20% due to noise reduction over sequential images

 Single spiral—fast uninterrupted scanning of large anatomic volumes

 Multiple spirals started from any desired position with different directions—utilization of a contrast medium bolus in
 different anatomical regions Repeated acquisition of a region (scanned in same or opposite direction)— acquisition
 of different contrast medium phases of a bolus within an anatomic region  

 Real-Time Display

 Immediate image display parallel to spiral acquisition (e.g. for trauma and interventions)

 CARE Bolus [optional]

 Image Control System (ICS)
 High performance Siemens proprietary computer platform for simultaneous scanner control and post-processing functionality
 True multitasking environment achieved by combining state-of-theart HW technology (CISC architecture) with
 highly efficient SW implementation

 Patient data disk
 73 GB 13,000 images and 6,000 raw data sets of
 0.8 sec. scan

 Image Reconstruction System (IRS)
 Advanced image reconstruction computer designed to provide high processing speed and overall system reliability

 Multiple processor technology with an aggregate performance of almost 2 GHz (word length up to 128 bits) is
 employed to meet the extreme demands of medical imaging devices

 Image display

 Monitor size 21” (53 cm) Monitor 1,280 ´ 1,024 resolution
 Image display max. 1,024´1,024 matrix
 Image rate max. 10/s

Siemens Somotom Spirit

equipments/Siemend SPIRIT Dual.jpg SOMATOM Spirit is a sub-second, Multislice CT scanner adapted specifically for economical dayto-day clinical routine. The system benefits from Siemens’ latest developments in CT technology, including advances that lead to superb image quality and dose efficiency.
  • Syngo Acquisition Workplace
  • High-performance computer
  • Graphics accelerator
  • Standard monitor
  • Additional monitor*
  • SureView – Multislice Spiral Image Reconstruction
  • Pediatric protocols
  • CARE Dose4D – minimizing dose, maximizing quality – patient by patient
GE Bright Speed 4 / 8 / 16 Slices

equipments/GE Brightspeed 4816.jpg Trimed offers with ASIR, the BrightSpeed may deliver image pixel standard deviation Equivalent to an acquisition with higher generator power. BrightSpeed Elite offers efficiency improvements, an enhanced operator console and table design to improve workflow capabilities.
GE Light Speed 4 / 8 / 16 Slice

equipments/GE-Lightspeed 4816.jpg LightSpeed systems helps image of small structures, and see fine details for accurate contouring, and accurately detect edges of tumors in motion. The result is an effective balance of resolution, coverage, speed and dose for radiation therapy simulation at its best. LightSpeed provides routine 16-Slice acquisition with outstanding image clarity and 20mm of coverage.
  • Accurate 3D visualization
  • Fast Scan times to improve productivity
  • Optimized workflow from acquisition to final report
  • Increased patient comfort with faster scans
  • Precise positioning of patients even in challenging cases
  • Slip-ring technology with advanced axial scanning
  • Full 360 degree rotational scans
  • 80 cm-gantry opening
  • 65cm wide display field of view
  • Hyper Plane Helical Reconstruction Hi Light Matrix II Detector
  • Xtream Technology
  • Breathing lights with countdown timer
  • Remote gantry tilt
GE CTe Dual

equipments/GE CTe Dual.jpg Coming soon....
GE Hispeed Single

equipments/GE-Hi-Speed-FXI.jpg TRIMED commitment to delivering high-quality images with lowered dose with the introduction of ASiR on HiSpeed, ASiR, dose reduction technology, may allow for reduced mA in the acquisition of diagnostic images, thereby reducing the dose required.
  • Safe CT Low-dose Solution with high resolution.
  • Real time image processing : MPR , MPVR
  • Scan thickness: 1,2,3,5,7 and 10
  • Solarix tube with 3.5 MHU of heat storage
  • Truly multi-tasking environment Auto-filming, auto-store, auto-archive ,auto transfer Large, 1280*1240 color display.
  • 630 KW Generator with 4100 Second continuous Helical Scanning
  • HiLight solid state detector

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