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Benefits of Single Contract for all Biomedical Equipment Maintenance

  • 24X7X365 Coverage
  • On Site Technical Team
  • Toll Free based Complaint Register
  • Web based Equipment Management Software
  • Effective Preventive Maintenance
  • Effective Product Evaluation based on Maintenance history
  • Full Compliance on Regulatory
  • Maximise Equipment uptime
  • Risk Assessment
  • Support to Certification Programs like ISO, NABH, AERB

Comprehensive Biomedical Equipment Maintenance

  • Biomedical Equipment Mapping with Bar code unique identification numbers
  • Equipment categorisation based on Criticality and Non-Critical helps in rapid respond to the failure
  • Follows Universal nomenclature - regulate Medical Device
  • Proactive Management of Medical Equipment for optimal utilization of generation
  • Preventive Maintenance Scheduling
  • Performance Verification
  • Electrical Safety testing for all equipment
  • Full Compliance with required Regulatory
  • Certification of Equipment
  • Risk Assessment - Internationally recognised

Online Dashboard to Monitor Inventory of EEquipment & Maintenance Activity

Smart phone-based Equipment Mapping & Work order management

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Why Biomedical Equipment need Regular Verification & Calibration

Medical equipment like any other equipment is prone to wear and tear over time which directly impacts its performance accuracy. And the only way to retain the equipment's effectiveness and minimize risks or uncertainty is through regular Performance Verification & Calibration

  • To Minimise uncertainty in Measurement and assure the performance
  • To reduce errors during patient care
  • Certifications and Licenses are authorised by regulatory agencies
  • Excessive usage and normal wear and team minimization of risk

Quality Assurance program on Diagnostic X rays

Quality Assurance (QA) of medical diagnostic x-ray equipment to create confindence to the end-user(s) that a medical diagnostic x-ray equipment to meet satisfactory in compliance with safety standards specified by the Atomic energy act.

NABL Calibration Services

  • Testing of Medical Device with a wide range of global standards
  • Helps is validation and Calibration Measured results in Electronic form Standards Followed are IEC 60601-1 and 62353
  • Onsite calibration
  • All test Equipment are calibrated yearly with traceability