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About Us

TRIMED Solutions (India) Pvt Ltd an ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 13485:2016 Certified & AERB Licensed Company. With Stringent Quality Control Procedures with Continual Improvement Objectives. Our Maintenance and Management Protocols are designed in Strict compliance with NABL, ECRI and ASHE Guidelines. (For Maintenance and Management of Biomedical Equipment's).

300 over trained Biomedical Engineers and Project Managers, Procurement Support Team, Quality systems team, well-equipped hands-on training & Calibration Centres.

8 regional offices, more than 80,000 medical equipment, 1,60,000 Preventive Maintenance and Calibration, User training


  • "Our Business is to provide cost effective Biomedical Engineering Maintenance Services to the Healthcare Industry"
  • "Is to be the industry leader in this field and meet customer requirements all the time at par with global standards."


  • "Our Mission is highest service quality at the lowest Cost, to meet global standards by using our highly experienced globally recognized team"
  • "Our trained engineers and technicians follow a defined process to meet quality servicing standards on-site and/or in our own repair facilities"

Quality Policy

'Our Quality Policy is defined by strong and effective management principles and behaviors, striving for ‘excellence’ by providing customized solutions, products & services, that best satisfies our customers and continuously improve quality, develop staff competences, reliability & service with the help of an effective Quality Management System, encompassing all statutory, health, safety & environment requirements at our work place and customer place'.

Our Objective

To enhance the importance of a life-long learning in a rapidly changing global community. provide them the necessary skills to obtain leadership position and use modern engineering tools for practice and/or pursuit of advanced degrees who holds background of Biomedical Engineers with BE. B-Tech, M-Tech, Diploma Biomedical Engineers, BSC Bio-Engineering and MSC Bio-Engineering in the maintenance of Biomedical Equipment.

Our Aim

This is accomplished by developing and offering curricula that integrate engineering sciences, life sciences, clinical medicine, research and engineering design in collaboration with local biomedical device and biotechnology companies.

The delivery of the best healthcare services depends heavily on medical equipment, whether for life support, for diagnosis, for patient monitoring, teaching and research purpose. The risks associated with the use of medical equipment can only be controlled by managing the whole life-cycle of the equipment.


  • 2019 - Working with M.C.G.M, Mumbai, Jammu & Kashmir
  • 2018 - Awarded Biomedical Equipment Maintenance - State of Chhattisgarh
  • 2017 - Awarded Biomedical Equipment Maintenance - State of Jharkhand and Arunachal Pradesh
  • 2016 - Awarded Biomedical Equipment Maintenance - State of Tripura
  • 2015 - Awarded Biomedical Equipment Maintenance - State of Mizoram
  • 2014 - Moved to Corporate officein Hyderabad
  • 2012 - Year of Establishment

Our Roots

  • Established in 2012
  • A dynamic fast-growing company focusing in providing Healthcare Technology
  • India and ASIAN countries
  • With 400 over year of combined experiences and extensive knowledge in Health care technology.
  • International quality standards, unique Maintenance solutions
  • To enhance the life cycle of equipment association with the domestic & international standard bodies